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"It's pretty closely plotted through to the final book because there are things that are happening in the first book that will not get paid off until the final book. You get a sense even from the first book that everything is sort of laid out and there are mysteries and puzzles which are enigmas which are going to be solved... The second one I am just playing around with titles right now.

The third one will be called 'Absolute Midnight' and the fourth one I'm still playing with too." Open Roads... By Phil and Sarah Stokes, 3 April 2002 (note - full text here) "As the books progress, Candy assembles a circle of allies, uncovering a plot to blot out the Sun, Moon and Stars, and achieve a condition of permanent Midnight.

Just as night and day are in balance, and light and dark are in balance in the healthy human psyche, so evil and good will be pretty much balanced in the narrative." The Relaunch of Clive Barker By Jeff Zaleski, Publishers Weekly, 1 October 2001 "Candy will come to understand herself as a walker between worlds before the quartet of Abarat is over.

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There is a villain who stands behind these villains, whose nature I don't even want to talk about.My job is to write the novel and paint the pictures. By [ ], PC uk, 19-23 February 2001 "I've never conceived of doing something this way - painting the pictures and then writing the books. It seemed to break down quite neatly into four parts. Frank Baum thought he'd finished with Oz every now and then, you know?It's a very strange way of doing it, but it's been great. I think it's four books but it may turn out to be many more." Stars In Hell By Michael Giltz, The New York Post, 14 October 2001 "I wanted to create a place where I could play almost endlessly and never run out of room. I can talk about family relations, I can talk about the place of the imagination in the human heart.And in confronting Carrion, she will come to understand who she really is: a revelation which will transform her own understanding of her place in the epic events of 'The Abarat Quartet'." Clive Barker's Notes On Abarat By Clive Barker, Australian Advance Reading Copy of Abarat, 2002 "I want to, before I shuffle off this world, create a world that can be revisited many times, filled with imaginative people, so I conceived of an archipelago made up of twenty four islands. If you go to that island there surrounded by red clouds, the Island of Midnight, Gorgossium, it is permanently midnight.

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Everything that is associated with Midnight is a consciousness of the species inhabiting that island. "It wouldn't be my preference [to interchange the games, movies and novels out of order]. Lewis and his book 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe'?

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